Bol Chinois en Porcelaine


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Découvrez l’exquis bol chinois en porcelaine, votre passerelle vers une expérience culinaire traditionnelle

Dive into an enchanting dining experience with our Bol Chinois en Porcelaine, your ticket to a meal steeped in authentic Chinese tradition. Imagine the vibrancy of a sun-kissed yellow hue, intertwined with the serene beauty of nature-inspired designs at your dinner table. Crafted from the illustrious bone china porcelaine, this bowl glistens with unmatched whiteness, offering durability that transcends conventional dinnerware. Elevate your culinary moments with a touch of esteemed heritage.

  • Composition: Prized for its high-quality ‘bone china’ porcelain
  • Maintenance: Swift and effortless cleaning
  • Dimensions: Ample space at 11.5 x 6 cm
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