Couteau Hachoir Chinois Pro


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Explorez l’authenticité et la précision avec le Couteau Hachoir Chinois Pro

Perfect for both aspiring and seasoned chefs, the Couteau Hachoir Chinois Pro is a masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship. Its robust construction combines traditional Chinese design with modern technologies to deliver unsurpassed performance. Hone your culinary skills and embrace the art of Chinese cuisine with this versatile and powerful kitchen essential.

With a seamless blend of stainless steel and high-carbon materials, the blade of this hachoir offers enduring sharpness to tackle a variety of cutting tasks. The ergonomic wooden handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip to enhance your control and safety during use. Plus, the exquisite hand-polished mirror finish of the blade evidences the meticulous care invested in each couteau. Each piece is a handcrafted work of art, reflecting the dedication of its creators to producing quality kitchen tools.

  • Blade material: Superior stainless steel and carbon fusion
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed wood with non-slip texture
  • Hand-polished blade for an impeccable mirror-like finish
  • Handcrafted to ensure the highest quality
  • Weight: 360g – Balanced for precision
  • Dimensions: Total length of 30cm with blade at 19.5cm and handle at 10.5cm
  • Complimentary standard delivery for this item

Seize the opportunity to elevate your cooking experience with the Couteau Hachoir Chinois Pro, a quintessential tool for any discerning cook with a flair for the exotic. Transcend the ordinary and make each culinary creation a testament to your expertise.