Grands Bols pour Soupe Chinoise


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Découvrez l’élégance des Bols traditionnels chinois

Embark on a cultural journey with our exquisite Grands Bols pour Soupe Chinoise. These bowls are a fusion of deep, rich colors and a shining finish, perfect for adding sophistication to your dining experience. Crafted with care by skilled potters, they strike a perfect balance between traditional charm and a contemporary flair with their hand-painted patterns. Set the stage for an authentic Chinese culinary adventure, and elevate your dining moments to another level with these stunning bowls.

  • Material: High-quality traditional ceramics
  • Unique handcrafted design with painted patterns
  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Spacious 1060 ml volume
  • Measures 16.8 x 8 cm
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